A 3D-printed human skin dressing, a migraine predictor and a smart insulin pen: the three startups selected for support by Insud Pharma

Argentina, 18 February 2019

BioDan, a 3D dressing derived from human skin which can be bioprinted and frozen, Brainguard, a wearable system that predicts migraines, and Insulclock, a system which monitors and controls the treatment of diabetes patients are the three startups selected in the second round of the ChemoStart accelerator programme, which seeks to support innovative, disruptive solutions that improve people’s health and wellbeing. In this year’s edition of the programme, organised by Insud Pharma and spearheaded by Leandro Sigman, 12 shortlisted entrepreneurs pitched their projects to an external panel of leading health-sector experts at a Pitch Day held on 31 January.

The main criteria used by the panel of experts to select the three winning startups were innovation, potential for social impact, strength of the team and scientific/clinical evidence.

BioDan headed up by Alfredo Brisac, has developed a dressing derived from human skin that can be bioprinted and frozen and can be used to treat burns, open wounds and ulcers. Brainguard, a wearable early warning migraine predictor, represented by José L. Ayala, can predict the onset of pain up to 47 minutes in advance to allow patients to manage their medication and thereby reduce the intensity of the episode or even avoid it completely. Insulclock, developed by José Luis López Sánchez-Pascuala and Jesús Arenas Latorre, has made insulin pens smart. It monitors and controls treatment for diabetic patients, and is the first system to register data related to insulin administration to improve adherence to treatment.

The selected startups will benefit from Insud Pharma’s tailored support to help roll out their healthcare solutions, including assistance with internationalisation, marketing, scalability and business commercialisation. 

Over the coming months, Insud Pharma will be supporting the three projects using its own resources. Its mentor network will provide advice and help prepare the three ventures for an Investor Day to be organised by Insud Pharma with its own investor network to secure the financing required for ongoing project development.

For further information on the winning projects:

BioDan - Bioprinting human skin.
Contact: Alfredo Brisac. Website: www.biodangroup.com/ Twitter: @BiodanGroup

Brainguard - Wearable system to predict migraine onset in the IoT environment.
José L. Ayala. Website: https://brainguard.life/ Twitter: @BrainGuardMed

Insulclock - Bringing diabetes under control.
José Luis López Sánchez-Pascuala and Jesús Arenas Latorre. Website: https://insulclock.com/ Twitter: @Insulclock

ChemoStart is a global initiative by Insud Pharma which supports startups and companies with innovative projects in the field of health and medical care..


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