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At Chemo, we provide global Contract Manufacturing services from our manufacturing facilities. We provide our clients with the most advanced technology in the sector to develop quality, affordable medications, offering a broad range of aqueous and oily solutions, suspensions, lyophilized vials and hormonal injectables.

We have a team dedicated to all pre- and post-production activities, from the transfer of manufacturing processes and analytical methods to regulatory support.

Broad range of processes: aseptic filling, terminal sterilisation, lyophilization and sterile API production and micronization.

Filling formats include single dose vials, multiple dose vials and pre-filled syringes.

Lyophilizers available at our plants.

Formulation available under a range of conditions and batch sizes, responding to the specific product requirements.

Filling and secondary conditioning lines for the most advanced technology syringes and vials, offering high capacity.

Sterilization by filtration and terminal sterilization.

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Chemo is utterly committed to quality. All of our plants comply with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and the most rigorous FDA and EMA quality standards.

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