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At Chemo we manufacture and package over-the-counter (OTC) food supplements, medicines and medical devices, combining our experience and expertise with the flexibility and proactivity required in this market segment. We have extensive experience in the development process for new products, offering support throughout the entire value chain from formulation to production, including stability studies, clinical trials and regulatory support.


We have an extensive list of market-ready formulas in a broad range of treatment areas:

Metabolic syndrome

Women's and men's healthcare

Digestive disorders

Eye health

Weight management

Quality of life

Dosage forms

Soft gelatin capsules




Hard gelatin capsules

Our food supplement area is located at our pharmaceutical facilities, which means that our products comply with the strict quality standards required for pharmaceutical manufacturing. Continuous improvement and innovation in everything we do are among our core guiding principles. As part of our unwavering efforts to get better at what we do day after day, our OTC division boasts the best technology on the market and a highly-specialised, dynamic, flexible, motivated team.

Over 150 clients have placed their trust in us, which is testimony to our experience, capacity and motivation.

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