Innovation is the driving force of our business and is the backbone of the chemical-pharmaceutical operations that we have been developing world-wide for more than 40 years.

The company has a strong commitment to invest in R&D to develop new pharmaceutical products, optimize manufacturing processes, and ensure a dynamic and useful portfolio for all customers.

Our commitment with innovation and constant growing, is shown by the construction of our two new manufacturing facilities in León and Azuqueca de Henares that will provide injectable capabilities, with the most updated technology and highest quality standards.



Scientific & Technical Capabilities

CHEMO`s R & D capabilities comprises 8 specialized R&D centers, 4 chemical (Italy, Argentina, China, India) and 3 pharmaceutical sites in Spain and another one in India facilities, managed by highly qualified scientists and technicians, equipped with cutting-edge technologies and most up-to-date analytical instrumentation.

In 2006 CHEMO inaugurated Chemessentia, a corporate R&D centre specialized in the research and development of pharmaceutical active ingredients, located in Italy (Novara).

Our R&D pipeline includes over 100 projects of which more than 5 are in fine tuning/dossier compilation phase, more than 15 in clinical phase, over 20 in formulation development phase, more than 10 in early development and new opportunities constantly under screening/evaluation processes.

Innovation: our driving force

Over 100 projects in our R&D pipeline