Our OTC division designs, develops, manufactures, and packs food supplements combining all its experience and know-how with the flexibility and proactivity required by this category.

It develops tailor made solutions or ready to market formulas in different forms, since soft gel capsules, hard capsules, tablets, pellets, sachets to cosmetics, that cover multiples areas (metabolic syndrome, digestive disorders, women and men healthcare, weigh control or quality of life).

It has an extensive experience in new product development process, providing a full support, from formulation to manufacturing, including stabilities, clinical trials and regulatory support. In 2016 our division has carried out 150 news developments in this area.




A food supplements area is built in pharma premises, meeting our products with the rigorous quality standards required by pharmaceutical production.

One of our principles is continuous improvement and innovation. In this search, we have the latest technology and an experienced, dynamic, flexible and motivated team.

Our experience, our capacity, and our excitement, fully backed up by the reliable of our 150 customers.

400M Soft Capsules and 500 Formulations

Our “Pharma” experience adapted to the Food Supplements market. Pharmaceutical Quality Standards in all of our products