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CHEMO awarded the “Tejiendo Sueños de Economía Social” prize by ASPRONA-León

01 / 01 / 2015

CHEMO pharmaceutical group’s twofold commitment to improving global health and contributing positively to the local communities where it conducts its business activities has been recognised with an award. The group’s León Farma facility has been commended as a model example for the social integration of people with intellectual disabilities.

The León Farma plant has been working for five years with ASPRONA-León, a not-for-profit organisation that has strong ties to the province and is dedicated to helping and integrating people with disabilities.

Among other projects, the association works with León Farma to carry out certain manual tasks associated with processed/packaged products, and also manages the workwear laundry and gardening at the facility.

To commemorate this close working relationship, and coinciding with the organisation’s 50th anniversary, ASPRONA-León voted unanimously to award León Farma with the “Tejiendo Sueños de Economía Social” (Building Towards a Social Economy) award for the “sensitivity and support” shown in its inclusive approach towards people with intellectual disabilities, and for “setting the standard” for businesses in the province of Léon.

The award was presented at a gala event attended by various officials, including local mayor, Emilio Gutiérrez, and the Family and Equal Opportunities minister for Castile-León, Milagros Marcos, who singled out the facility as an example for other business to follow.