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Grupo Chemo has been recognised by the CEOE-Cepyme Guadalajara (employers' confederation) as the largest employer

15 / 11 / 2016

The multinational pharmaceutical Grupo Chemo, together with its Liconsa plant, located in Azuqueca de Henares, has just received one of the Business Excellence Awards 2016 from the CEOE Guadalajara for the category of “Highest recruitment” in the area.

The awards, given out each year by the association from the Alcarria region, will be held on 12 November with the aim of highlighting some of the most outstanding companies over the past year. Liconsa, with more than 600 professionals, is currently the company with the most employees in the Azuqueca de Henares area.

In fact, Liconsa has increased its workforce by around 13% this year. And Grupo Chemo continues to grow. This can be seen in the recent construction of its new plant dedicated to injectable drugs, Universal Farma, which currently has just under forty employees.

Committed to the region

Since the foundation of Liconsa in 1999, Grupo Chemo has always shown a strong commitment to the area and to local talent. In fact, around 40% of the professionals at the plant are from Guadalajara.

But it’s not just this, the company is also fully integrated into life in the Alcarria region, actively collaborating in different cultural festivals and sporting events, such as the Guadalajara Solidarity Film Festival, as well as being the Official Sponsor of the Azuqueca Sport Club and of various fun runs and marathons.

According to the Director of Pharmaceutical Operations at Grupo Chemo, José Prieto, “it is a recognition of the effort and achievement of Chemo and also Guadalajara and Azuqueca in particular. In our group, we do not see any sense in the growth of the company if it is not in tune with the history of this area and its people. We are therefore very grateful to the Local Authorities and of course, to CEOE for their unwavering support”.