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The pharmaceutical Chemo Group opens a new plant in India

02 / 10 / 2017

Chemo India Formulations located in Hyderabad, have required an initial investment of around ₹100 crores (USD 16 million)

Specialized in the development and manufacture of oral solid dosage forms, including tablets, caplets, hard gelatin capsules and pellets

 The pharmaceutical multinational Chemo Group has just announced that it is opening a plant, Chemo India Formulations, in Hyderabad (India) that will produce oral solid dosage forms, including tablets, caplets, hard gelatin capsules and pellets. With this new facility, the company now has 15 plants around the world, employing 6,000 people.

All global markets including the European Union, North and South America, Asia and Africa will be serviced from this facility and it’s planned to handle all types of therapeutic drug candidates for the development and production, including blood pressure, heart, diabetes and other medicines.

This new plant, Chemo India Formulations, is equipped with the sector’s latest technologies such as high shear granulation, fluid bed granulation, dry granulation, direct compression and pelletization. The start-up of this plant required an initial investment from the company of ₹100 crore.

The main building of the plant has three floors. Ground floor contains raw material warehouse, production and packaging areas, finished goods warehouse, water treatment room, reception and meeting rooms.  First floor is entirely a technical area housing air handling units, dehumidifiers, dryers and other engineering related items. Second floor is dedicated for office areas, product development, analytical development, microbiology, quality control laboratories, discussion rooms, stability and dining area.

Affordable high-quality medicines

Chemo India Formulations has a workforce of nearly 35 professionals who are experts in development of complex dosage forms and production.

According to the Managing Director of Chemo Group’s Industrial Division, Lucas Sigman, “the addition of this plant is part of the company’s growth strategy. Our goal is to develop affordable high-quality medicines for patients around the world.  It’s a pleasure for us to inaugurate this new plant specially this year that we’re celebrating our 40th anniversary. It is a proof of our strong and sustained investment effort and a clear commitment to this country, Indian professional teams and a commitment to patients and health.”