Nuestras Plantas Nuestras Tecnologías


· R&D Laboratory and Plant for research and development of new products
· Manufacturing equipment with state-of-the-art technology and automation (automatic granulators, high efficiency tableting machines, fluid bed dryers and automatic coating equipment)
· Packaging areas with high-efficiency equipment and state-of-the-art control systems - 160 MM blister packs/year
· Semi-solid formulation (creams and gels) for hormone therapy

· Vaginal ring technology - 10 MM/year
· 3000 MM tablets/year
· 600 MM of soft capsules/year
· 130 tons of semi-solid products

The project “Implantation of a new vaginal ring technology and increase in productive capacity” has been co-financed with funds from The European Regional Development Fund and The Ministry of Finance and Public Administration through the Agency of Innovation, Finance and Business Internationalization of the Board of Castilla y León, within the grants of Regional Incentives and Special Interest Incentives. Files LE/791/P07 and LE/791/IE